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About the Contributors

The photographers

John Ash

John is an enthusiastic landscape photographer with a thirst for learning and a desire to "photograph from the heart". He loves to capture the beauty of his local patch in Yorkshire, and is currently using a pinhole camera to give a timeless feel to the images.

Nicola Davison Reed

Nicola is a Midlands photographer working out of her own studio in Nottinghamshire and combining commercial work with a personal practice that encompasses portraiture, conceptual and street photography.

Lesley Peatfield

Lesley has a passion for a wide range of photographic genres, and is currently going through an abstract phase. These images are from France and previous projects have taken in locations like Norway and Iceland, but she says the UK is still her favourite place.


Jill Reidy

Jill is an ex-Londoner transplanted to Blackpool four decades ago, and the town continues to be her biggest inspiration. An enthusiastic street photographer, Jill loves to capture the contrasts and stories that only a British seaside town can provide.

Janet Salmon

Janet is a landscape photographer from the north east of England who specialises in the kind of abstraction achieved with intentional camera movement and multiple exposures. She loves to make photographs that capture not just places but emotions.

Rob Townsend

Rob lives in North Yorkshire and divides his time between commercial photography and his own practice, which is based on using photography to visualise the interior life of thoughts, sensations and emotions.

The editor

Paul Gotts

Paul is an accomplished photographer who is also passionate about book production. He has produced several books of his own and is now branching out into editing and producing books featuring the works of other photographers. 

John Ash

Lesley Peatfield

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